4WORD Creative Arts Development

4WORD is a non-profit organisation supporting communities and artists, locally and nationally, using multi-disciplinary arts and media expertise - including theatre, film, music & design - to develop and facilitate inclusive projects customised around participants' needs, interests and aspirations.

Major ongoing projects include:

The MARYHILL YOUTH THEATRE COMPANY - Developing performance & production skills & opportunities with young people aged between 12 & 18. Meeting Mondays 4:30-6pm @ Shakespeare Street Youth Club, MYT is free and open to anyone interested. Recent work includes stage-plays, film projects and a podplay for iTunes.

ARTS DEVELOPMENT in YORKHILL SICK CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL - Providing patients with opportunities to create original work with professional writers, songwriters, artists and filmmakers. Check out The Yorkhill Sessions - an album of original songs written by patients.

DOGEARED - a book club for word connoisseurs.

ARTS SUPPORT - training and mentoring initiatives for adults & young people including arts professionals, community arts & youth workers, schools, churches, etc.

Transforming Lives with Your Support

We believe that true happiness comes from sharing what we have with others, and your contributions help us do just that. Every penny given helps to facilitate new and ongoing projects with groups all over Scotland, and is an investment in improving the lives of others. Thank you.

Donate with Paypal is coming soon! - In the meantime, please get in touch via email if you would like to make a donation.

Further Information

Email us at: stephen@4wordcreative.com

4WORD is supported by the North West Area Comittee, James T Howatt Charitable Trust, Glasgow Westend Vineyard, Glasgow City Council and Children in Need.

4thcoming Attractions

4Sale - All proceeds fund further provision

Online shop launching soon! - You will soon be able to purchase the following products online. In the meantime, if you would like to make a purchase, please email us.

BRIEFCASE - Maryhill Youth Theatre's short film DVD

SUBJECT TO CHANGE - An album produced to support local music artists and Yorkhill Youth Services

THE YORKHILL SESSIONS - Original songs written by patients in Yorkhill